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Reasons Why Renting A Concrete Site Works

Firstly, we understand concrete and website ranking, this is part of the reason our websites rank high, get a lot of inquiries and people like yourself like to work with us.

We offer a 90 day trial and after the trial ends 19 out of 20 of our customers continue with renting the website because it has added to their companies bottom line.

Customize The Website to Your Business

Making the site your own – We like the site to better represent your company and we are more than happy to customize the site to better reflect your company and your city. 

Write Your Introduction –  Tell us your story in one ” About Us ” type paragraph including the areas around the city you service. This will be the first paragraph on the site. 

We Can Change PhotosPutting your job pictures on your new site is highly advised. Just supply us with some of your best pictures and we will do the rest.

Lets Use Your ReviewsNothing beats positive reviews from your past customers. If you would like to add some of your reviews let us know, that is included and again at no extra charge.

Add Another Services – Once your have rented from us for awhile we can add some more of your services that are related to the sites services.

Some Common questions

Questions / Answers for things you are probably wondering.

 Our websites typically cost around $70 to $85 per month, depending on the website and the city. When compared to other forms of advertising such as display ads, Pay per click, SEO fees, our websites will generate higher quality leads at a significantly lower cost. You will find they have the best return on investment.

   Unlike a lot of other similar lead generator type websites out there, you get all the leads from our site that we have customized to your company and that’s included in the monthly cost. You are the only company listed on the site.

No. The only fee you will ever be required to pay is the monthly fee which starts after your 90 day trial ends. 

We break the value of the site per year over 12 easy to pay payments. The amount you pay x12 is the value of the site per year. If you stop making payments we will instantly start looking for another renter. If the site has not been rented by another company come spring time and you would like to continue renting the site then you would need to pay the missed months to continue. 

Generally we leave the categories listed on the site. Removing heading / Paragraphs could effect ranking and then the site will not give you leads. We suggest just saying you no longer provide that service and maybe suggest a service you do provide. Removing certain sections can effect ranking negatively.

More Great questions

Some More Great Questions that we get asked. 

At this time we are not selling any websites. Our monthly fees are very low compared to many website companies who only give empty promises to get your website ranking for much more money per month. Our fees cover updating the website on a regular basis and the expense of backlinks to. This is one of the rare cases which cost of ownership can cost you more than simply renting.

 You will need to ask the customer how they got your number or email to be sure. But realistically if your getting a lot of say driveway calls which is more than usual and your renting a driveway site then its safe to assume the site is working well.  

   We will send you a credit card link every month from Square or Clover. These are national and highly trusted payment handling companies. 

 The typical amount of extra jobs can be from a few as 3 to as much as 15 a year. The value of those jobs can really range in value as well. You could expect at least $30k at a minimum increase in sales, all from a site that costs only about $80-$100 a month. A definite great investment and most people see sales from the website before the 90 day trial is even over. 

No Contact to sign and you can stop renting during or after the 90 day trial and at any time after that. 

Just email us through the contact button below and we will give you specs for pictures, logo ect we need to change the site over to you.  Within a few days you will be set up and calls and emails will start directly coming to you from the website. We will confirm your start date and when your 90 day trial will end. 

 We will contact you when it ends and confirm if you have found it beneficial and if you would now like to rent the website. If you want to continue with it great we will email you your first bill. If you choose not to start paying monthly no problem we will remove your logo, contact information ect and start renting to another concrete contractor in your city. 

Send Your information

 Send your information here to get things started. 

(1) Name  (2) Business Name (3) Company Logo (PNG best ) (4)  Your Email (5)  Your Phone Number. 

 Please provide the above information to get the website secured.  If You would like to add some pictures please let us know and we will give you the picture requirements.

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